Rush  H ΩX

How is Eta Omega Chi different from other entrepreneurship fraternity?

Eta Omega Chi is, on Berkeley campus, the first coed Chinese based business professional fraternity that strives for entrepreneurship. With the friendly atmosphere, Eta Omega Chi is not only a business-oriented organization but also a perfect place to start developing mutual brotherhood by getting to know a group of peer students who all own their unique characters, highly capable abilities and talents, and outgoing personalities. Eta Omega Chi mainly runs lots of professional events and workshop, but there are also intricate social activities subtly in between. The social adds-on will definitely enrich the experiences here at Eta Omega Chi.  

Who do we look for?

Eta Omega Chi is looking for Chinese students who possess strong interest in business as well as entrepreneurship. Additionally, Eta Omega Chi is undoubtedly the right place for students who are bounded by the ambition in which they yearn for taking challenges of professional exploration and development, willingly holding responsibilities to maintain and further improve the image of the fraternity, and gradually growing and progressing together with gifted and helpful peers.

Who can join Eta Omega Chi?

Eta Omega Chi welcomes any current Berkeley Chinese students who are interested in business and is open for all majors.

What is the Rush process for and how does it work?

First of all, please do come to Eta Omega Chi’s first general meeting. The first general meeting is absolutely a great opportunity for students to know about the organization and how it is functioned. Following the first gen Eta Omega will hold an event known as Board Game Night. Please feel free to come to enjoy light snack while talking to and playing games with our brothers and ask questions about Rush Process, events during this semester and Eta Omega Chi itself. Lastly, according to tradition, there will be the Social Mixer. There, students will enjoy delicious free dinner and, most importantly, a fantastic chance to talk to the brothers face-to-face under super relaxing ambience. Afterwards students get the chance to sign up for the interview. When passing the interviews, students will be assigned the bid and after accepting the bid they will be placed at the pledge class of a new chapter. There will be one pledge class every week and there will be weekly assignments and a special to-do-list during the whole semester. In order to successfully complete the Rush process, the potential HOXers are responsible for complete and pass all the assignments. Good luck, every potential HOXer!

What's Under Resource?

Eta Omega Chi strives to provide all its members with rich resources. The resources include but not limited to shared textbooks and study materials and access to professional workshops, tours of the many reputed enterprises and potential internship opportunities. Come and join Eta Omega Chi to seek more of these abundant resources!